Git workflow for engineers and product managers

Trunk based. Fast development. Reviewable features at all times for your open pull requests.

Get started with

  1. Acceptance branch

    Build all pull requests into a shared reviewable branch. Keep your review environment up-to-date.

  2. Release branch

    Select pull requests to be released. Keep your release branch up-to-date automatically. Be non-committal, remove PRs with one click.

  3. Reuse Recorded Resolution

    Stop resolving the same conflict again and again. One conflict, one resolution.

  4. Work great with CI

    Build acceptance or release branches based on pull request events.

  5. Issue tracker integration

    Automatically update issue status when branches actually deploy.

  6. Notification

    Get notified via Slack or email when your PR has a conflict. Fix it once.

Build activity

Resolve conflicts once