Build all pull requests into a shared reviewable branch. Keep your review environment up-to-date.

This type of output branch serves as review branch, which means it is going to be the main (or trunk) branch on daily basis of workflow. All pull requests are going to merge into this branch either by clicking a build button on the GUI or automatically merge as pull request event fired.

Get started with creating output branch

Base branch

Unlike the develop branch in Git Flow, our acceptance branch is always based on the specified base branch which is usually your mater branch. Therefore, every build is up-to-date with master.

Prioritized pull requests

By default, pull requests merge order follows its creation order. But in some cases, there is interdependent code between pull requests. For example, PR#1 has newer version of code in the same area as PR#2, you can prioritize PR#2 to merge first.

Excluded pull requests

In exceptional case, for example you have one pull request that mess up with other pull requests, and project manager needs to review the rest of pull requests right now, you can exclude it. You can include it back, and it will get merged in the next build.