Merge Conflicts And Reuse Recorded Resolution

Stop resolving the same conflict again and again. One conflict, one resolution.

At some points, some pull requests will have merge conflicts. So we provide a simple text editor for resolving that. The great thing is once conflict files get resolved, we store its resolution files that can be reused (automatically) across branches. They belong to repository.

Resolve each conflict file and click update resolution. The "Conflict" tab is original conflict and the "esolution" tab is recent resolution of the file. So you could re-resolve the original conflict to get a new resolution, or you can edit resolution file. Once the file is satisfied, again click update resolution.

Partly Build And Rebuild

When merge conflicts occurs while merging branches, the rest of pull requests still keep merging, resulting a build where the conflict branches get excluded. So no pull requests can block the output branch to be built.

Once you got the conflict branch resolved (all conflict files are resolved), the next build will include that branch normally. So you could leave the conflicted ones, resolve some or, resolve all branches, before the next build comes. It's up to your workflow.