Pull Requests

Build acceptance or release branches based on pull request events.

Pull request is where product manager and engineers agree on what features are developing, ready for review, and ready for shipping.
It is the source of truth Gitwolf uses to build acceptance or review branches.

Once a pull request is opened (ready for review; not including draft), Gitwolf will receive a ready_for_review event and start building an acceptance branch (that is already created).

Pull Request Events (Github)

The following events will fire to trigger acceptance or review branch (if auto-build flag enabled)

  • synchronize
  • opened
  • reopened
  • ready_for_review
  • closed
  • labeled (Only "*-excluded" label)
  • unlabeled (Only "*-excluded" label)

Pull Request Label

  • Excluded : Attach a "<branch_name>-excluded" label to any pull request to tell Gitwolf to exclude that pull request from acceptance build (branch)